project 365

91. Hallelujah.

Still seething over the HIMYM finale, and after yesterday’s tribute to Ted, I was going to launch into all of the things that went wrong with that episode, but since the rest of the Internet has done that for me, I won’t do it here.

Instead, my attentions now turn to the word “hallelujah.”

During tonight’s choir rehearsal (my first practicing Zakaria Paliashvili’s composition for the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom), I started thinking about the similarities of the word’s structure, no matter what language I’m singing.

English: hallelujah
Spanish: aleluya
Latin, Italian, French, Russian: alleluia
Finnish and German: halleluja
Serbian: aleluja

And now, Georgian, which matches the Latin line.

I am no linguist, nor am I a particularly religious person, but it seems fitting that this word to praise something greater than us unites different cultures. (I did find a good description of the word’s origin here.)

And now, must honor Leonard Cohen’s song, though I’m going with a version I heard performed when I went to a Rufus Wainwright concert last year.


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