project 365

87. Divergent.

Just got home from watching the movie, and roommate Cassie had one question for me: “Hunger Games or Divergent?”

After I watched Hunger Games, my mind was BLOWN. I ended up seeing it in theaters again.

That won’t be the case with Divergent. It was very entertaining, and Theo James is so ridiculously attractive* that I just…yeah.

I mean, look at the man. And the girl who plays Tris. Photo from EW, obviously.

However, given that I enjoyed the ending of the Divergent series much more than I did with Hunger Games, that is subject to change with future installments. I also probably need to finally reread Mockingjay.

*I am a little sad that his eyes aren’t the dark blue I’ve read so much about, though.


One thought on “87. Divergent.

  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa. . .You liked the ending of the Divergent series better than HG? I just. . .what? The horror! The horror! Get back to Reno stat so I can explain to you everything that’s wrong with that sentiment.


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