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82. D.C.

Four years ago today, I called up the features editor at Roll Call, Debbie, and told her that I’d love to accept her offer for an internship at the paper. The decision came after a few days of deliberation and the stealing of my five-day-old laptop (I had taken the offer as a sign that the universe was sorry for that spell of bad luck). It was the right thing to do. I just knew it.

I was supposed to be in D.C. for three months. To take this internship, I had to turn down another one (also in D.C.) and would soon after say no to a potential job, not internship, in Utah. I also had a bit of a rough time convincing my parents that moving across the country for something short-term made sense (they came around eventually).

Admittedly, I am an optimist. I try to be realistic and I’m great at logistics, but I also believe that things usually work themselves out.

And when it comes to my life post-Nevada, that’s been pretty true. I started the internship in June 2010, got a full-time offer at RC a month later and stayed there for another 18 months. I then went to E&E, where I still work now. I’ve moved a total of three times (gradually closer to work with each move) and have had, if I don’t include the weird house/basement I lived in for my first two months here, three lovely roommates who don’t hate me yet. I’ve made some fabulous friends, joined a choir that keeps the music in me alive and volunteer with a couple of organizations I believe in. I run a wine club (and potentially a literary cocktail book club) and I dabble in other interests as time permits.

In short, I’m content with the life I lead.

Sometimes, I wonder if/when I’m going to leave. I never had any intention of being in D.C. for this long — it was never my “destination city” — so doesn’t that conversely mean that I shouldn’t be here forever? I worry about complacency. Am I here because this is what I want or am I here because it’s easier than doing anything else?

I can’t help but think that way — and I think it just comes with being in your 20s.

For now, though, I’m going to keep on keeping on. Life is unpredictable, so may as well take pleasure in what you have while you have it.


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