project 365

76. Cake.

Is it cheating* if yesterday’s post was about cupcakes and today’s is about cake? I guess it doesn’t matter, since it’s my blog and I make the rules.

Had tons of leftover cream cheese frosting, so decided to make a velvet cake (no color associated because I didn’t want to bother with food coloring). Thought this was important to note because I’m pretty sure it’s the first cake I’ve ever baked from scratch. I’ve baked many things, but never a simple cake.


My frosting skills need some work.

Have been considering taking cooking classes at Hill’s Kitchen, this fantastic store in my neighborhood. I know they offer a cakes and pies class, so may have to keep marching forward with this particular baked good.

*Speaking of cheating, I accidentally ate ice cream yesterday. We were at friend Amy’s for a St. Patrick’s Day dinner, and green ice creams were the dessert. Didn’t think twice about it until we started talking about Lent, and the following sentence came out of my mouth: “I gave up ice cream … Oops.”


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