project 365

66. New York.

Currently sitting on the bus to New York. Friend Mackenzie is asleep in the seat next to me, and I’ve managed to stay awake through both “42” and finishing the last few chapters of my book.

Counted in my head — this weekend’s trip will be my 8th since I moved to D.C. Most of those visits center around theater:

— November 2010 with friend Zeller (denoting differences of the many Amys in my life; previously mentioned Amy is Lauder in this post). Saw Promises, Promises because Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth.
— April 2011 with friend Sara (from college). Was the weekend of the royal wedding. Saw How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying because Daniel Radcliffe.
— October 2011 to visit friend Melody for her birthday.
— October 2011 with friend Adam. We slept at Melody’s.
— August 2012 to visit friend Melody for no other reason that to visit. Saw Potted Potter.
— January 2013 with friends Mackenzie and Lauder. Saw The Heiress because Dan Stevens. Also got to see Evita, though Ricky Martin was off that night, sadly.
– August 2013 with Lauder. Saw First Date because Zachary Levi.

This visit is no different. We’re seeing a production of No Man’s Land starring Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. Review to come.


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