project 365

61. Oscars.

Just spent the last five-ish hours focused on the Oscars. A summary:

Best dress: Lupita Nyong’o
Best tux: Chris Hemsworth (ohmygod that maroon)
Best presenter moment: Jamie Foxx singing Chariots of Fire onstage (close runner up: Kevin Spacey becoming Frank Underwood for a mere moment)
Weirdest presenter moment: I don’t even know what John Travolta said
Presenters who I hope host in the future: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emma Watson
Best beard: Chris Evans
Best musical moment: Bette Midler singing Wind Beneath My Wings because it made me cry
Worst musical moment: When Idina Menzel missed her high note in Let It Go
Question I still have: Did anyone ever give Kerry Washington pizza?
Number of Oscars won by Great Gatsby: 2
Number of Oscars won by Wolf of Wall Street: 0
Number of times Matthew McConaughey won Best Actor: 1
Number of times Leo DiCaprio won Best Actor: 0
Movie I still have to see: 12 Years A Slave
Final Oscar pool pick tally: 19/25


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