project 365

59. Hustle.

Finally got around to seeing American Hustle tonight. Found it entertaining, if not particularly mind-blowing, and full of cleavage (oh so much cleavage).

But you must see it simply for the hair alone.

It kicks off with showing us how Irving, played by an amazingly unattractive yet absolutely captivating Christian Bale, has perfected the comb over. 

The hair glory builds from there. Edith/Sydney’s (Amy Adams) curlers. Richie’s (Bradley Cooper) even smaller curlers. Rosalyn’s (Jennifer Lawrence) single curl hanging down her face. Carmine’s (Jeremy Renner) fabulous swoop.

Sony makes great movie posters.

Hair is the soul of the movie. Edith/Sydney actually makes this point when she’s talking to Richie in one scene. Every day, he takes his straight hair and rolls it into curlers. It helps him be more than the man he is — it makes him the man he wants to be.

How American Hustle didn’t get an Oscar nomination for Best Hair and Makeup, I’ll never know.


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