project 365

51. Gravity.

I filed a story today that included a mention about protozoa (basically, these marine worms eat protozoa, and then the worms are eaten by fish like flounder, and on and on the food chain goes), which of course made me think of the fictional singer Protozoa from the Disney Channel classic “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.”

That resulted in this song being stuck in my head all day:

This evening, while watching the Olympics, I started singing the song, which led to a mini analysis of the lyrics by roommate Kaitie and myself. Whoever wrote it was basically stringing words together — interplanetary, megastellar, hydrostatic — and probably wasn’t too worried of what the young minds watching the movie would think.

But, 15 years later, we need to know: what in the world is Protozoa talking about when he sings, “There’s no gravity between us/Our love is automatic“?

If we’re talking about gravity in any sort of scientific way, this doesn’t make sense. To me, wouldn’t you want something drawing you together? Kaitie points out that, at the very least, you’d want to be able to be next to each other in some stable fashion.

I posed this query to my Facebook friends, and they did not disappoint. This one is from a guy I went to high school with:

So I think what Protozoa is proposing is that their love is a given. It doesn’t need outside forces (like gravity, for example) to help it along. It’s almost genetic… it’s always… It’s part of universal law. It cannot be changed. It always was and always will be.

The sap in me loved that. Then there was this by another guy from high school:

Or, far simpler, their love is simple and carefree. Gravity is being used in a different context than the scientific.

But the best was the follow-up from High School Dude No. 1:

Or is it a song about an abusive relationship he knows he should leave but just can’t? You hit me with a cosmic blast… Caught up in this technicolor (a relationship that has many different spectrums) world.

Zoom zoom zoom (her leaving him?) Make my heart go boom boom (heightened heart rate from intense argument/prospect of breakup?) My supernova girl (explosive anger? A volatile relationship?)

Protozoa was a lyrical genius. His song can be applied to every situation.


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