project 365

49. Gentle.

My choir’s March concert is fast approaching, and we’re plowing through so much music in order to prepare. (As previously noted, it’s not exactly my favorite, but I’m warming to it.)

One of the pieces is “Gentle Words,” a modern arrangement of a Shaker song. Composed by Kevin Siegfried, it’s a beautifully haunting piece. And for whatever reason, tonight, it particularly resonated with me.

You can listen to a snippet of the song here (it’s No. 22), but the best way to hear it is to probably come to our live performance (there’s my plug!).

And until then, I leave you with the words, as written by someone named Sister Polly M. Rupe:

What the dew is to the flower,
Gentle words are to the soul,
And a blessing to the giver,
And so dear to the receiver,
We should never withhold.

Gentle words kindly spoken often soothe the troubled mind,
While links of love are broken by words that are unkind.
Then O, thou gentle spirit,
My constant guardian be,
Do to others, be my motto,
As I’d have them do to me.


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