project 365

46. Ukulele.

While I was in Hawaii last year, I bought myself a ukulele for my birthday. It hasn’t gotten a ton of use since then — partially because, prior to this purchase, I’ve never attempted to play any sort of string instrument in my life, and partially because roommate Kaitie told me I had to have it fixed because the tightness of the strings was going to make the neck snap.

Not heeding her advice tonight, I’ve been trying to tune it, but the last string seems to have come so loose that I can’t get it to hold an A unless my hand is holding…whatever it is that you use to change the string’s pitch (like I said, I’m not a string instrumentalist — BUT I can tune it by ear, and doesn’t that count for something?).

It’s mostly because I want to teach myself how to play “La Vie En Rose,” just like the Mother does in the 200th episode of How I Met Your Mother.

I have strange goals in life, but as it turns out, others on the Internet share them.


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