project 365

41. Manicure.

Instead of doing responsible things like going to the grocery store or dropping off my dry cleaning or even just doing my laundry, I decided what I really needed today was a manicure.

I don’t usually get manicures, mostly because I am incapable of not ruining them within a short time span. But I had high hopes for today, so off to the salon I went.

Picked bright color. Waited longer than usual under little light dryer thing. Didn’t slip on gloves for short walk home, which was bit of numbing experience.  Slipped coat off and examined. No damage done in past 10 minutes. Go me!

Started to cook dinner and tried to take top off salt grinder. Wasn’t budging, so instinctively used left thumb to pop it off. Then froze, remembering had just gotten manicure. Glance down. See indentations in polish. Sigh.

Manicure perfection and I just aren’t meant to be.


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