project 365

40. Costas.

While watching tonight’s Olympics broadcast, roommate Cassie, Kaitie and I were commenting on Bob Costas’ case of pink eye, which led to a much more important discussion: the fact that Costas hasn’t really aged over the years. Kaitie theorizes that he is cryogenically frozen and brought out for every Olympics.

So, in that spirit, I offer a retrospective of Costas through the years.

All photos are screen grabs of videos I found on YouTube (except for the last one, which was taken from the official NBC website). Things I learned in this endeavor: Costas is 61 and has been the main NBC Olympics host since 1992. Also, CBS broadcasted the 1994 and 1998 Winter Olympics, so no Costas those years.

1992: Barcelona


1996: Atlanta


2000: Sydney


Featuring Katie Couric in her NBC days!

2002: Salt Lake City


More with Katie.

2004: Athens


2006: Turin


2008: Beijing


2010: Vancouver


2012: London


And for good measure, 2014: Sochi (and pink eye)


Verdict: Maybe not quite cryogenically frozen, but the plastic surgery is working for him (though everyone doesn’t agree).


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