project 365

36. Ad.

Facebook turned 10 yesterday, and in honor of that, the company (probably) made a little algorithm that searches users’ profiles and creates a sappy little video of the things they’ve shared on the network over the years.

I’d embed mine here, but despite this claim from WordPress and this one from Facebook, I don’t appear to actually have that option. C’est la vie. (You can watch the video here, if you’d like.)

Anyway, when I shared mine on Facebook, I said the video was like if Apple made an ad about your life.

Then, earlier today, I realized it actually reminded me of something else: a Google ad that played during the Super Bowl four years ago. I loved that ad so much that I wrote about it on this blog before.

The styles are identical: A length that holds your attention for just long enough to make it memorable. Piano as the main instrumental. The evoking of emotion (for Google, through searches; for Facebook, through posts chosen by an algorithm).

Some of my Facebook friends think the 10-year anniversary videos are too sappy, and I recall people saying the same of the Google ad.

But personally, I think they’re both lovely in their simplicity.

So, search (and Facebook) on.

Update at 11:18 p.m.: Just finished reading this Facebook story and holy crap and tears and all that. I thought it was relevant to this post in its own way.


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