project 365

34. Orders.

A friend of mine briefly worked at an Amazon warehouse in college. She said it was a weird place, but she never delved too deeply into the details, and honestly, I didn’t really ask.

I never thought about it much after that, but it came to mind this morning while I was listening to another RadioLab podcast while walking to work. The episode “Brown Box” tells one journalist’s tale of her time working in a warehouse that fulfills online orders (note: because of confidentiality purposes, she cannot say whether this place is Amazon).

It’s a soul-sucking world of meeting quotas under extreme time constraints, of being fired because you took a day off when your wife had a baby, of passing out because there are no air conditioners, of talking with others about why they worked there and their answers amount to the fact that their real jobs hadn’t worked out, so here they were.

At the end of the episode, she says that she tries to avoid ordering online if possible.

I wondered if I could apply her lesson to my own life.

Then I remembered that I had a package being delivered today from Fab and I still needed to order a roasting pan for the Great Turkey Experiment of 2014.

So yeah. I guess this one’s a bust. But at least I’m not ordering paper towels (or, like some of my former coworkers, crates of cereal) off the Internet, right?


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