project 365

33. Nachos.

Post dim sum last week, friends Emma, Jake, Davey, Juana and I were en route to a record fair* when Taco Bell came up.

I, of course, started singing the praises of Doritos locos tacos (which, if you haven’t had them,  are literally the best. Literal definition of literally). We wondered why Taco Bell had yet to use Doritos as nacho chips.

We considered sending the idea along to the company, but then came up with a better one — why not just do it ourselves?

And thus, Doritos locos nachos was born.

I grabbed the ingredients at Giant this morning (1 bag of Doritos, 1 package of ground beef, 1 can of refried beans, one jar of queso, one tomato, one container of sour cream and scallions) and threw them together for a Super Bowl gathering at Emma and Jake’s.

The verdict: Delicious. They even tasted like Taco Bell, though probably with less chemicals. Probably.

Might have to become a featured dish at future shindigs I host.

*Because I wanted to pretend I was cool or something. And let me tell you, I was definitely not cool enough for that event.


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