project 365

31. Recruit.

It’s Oscar season, which means there are a billion movies that I need to see. American Hustle. 12 Years A Slave. The Wolf of Wall Street.

And what did I decide to watch tonight? Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

I have no regrets about this decision. It was everything that I could hope a Chris Pine-Kenneth Branagh-Kevin Costner extravaganza to be.

Was the plot logical? In its own way. Did I try to analyze whether the pending economic catastrophe could happen in the real world? Yes, and I personally concluded that I did not buy it (though I really have no business doing such things, given how awful I was at economics in college). Did I understand Kenneth Branagh’s character’s driving motivation? Not really — though friend Amy and I did note that only villains listen to opera in the movies.

But those things aren’t the point of seeing a movie like this. Sometimes, I just want movies with spies and car chases and Kevin Costner being a stand-up guy and Chris Pine’s blue, blue eyes.

It’s a good way to end what has been the longest January ever.

2014: one month down, 11 more to go.


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