project 365

21. Boots.

One of the first things I remember wanting as a child was a proper pair of snow boots. You see, while Las Vegas is my hometown, I was born and spent the first 6 years of my life in Lake Tahoe. And much unlike that desert, Tahoe got tons of snow every year*.

Hence, the desire for snow boots. I think that as a kid, I was convinced that the boots would help me conquer the mounds of snow that accumulated where we lived**.

Now, 20 years after my last winter in Tahoe, I find myself daydreaming about boots once more. I still want to conquer snow, though in a different way — rather than have adventures in it, I just want to survive it (the romance of this particular precipitation died for me in college).

When I walked to work this morning, I felt ridiculous decked out in my puffy jacket and the new Tretorns I just got, since there was nary a flake to be seen. But it proved to be the right decision when I went home hours later.

Huzzah boots.

* That sadly hasn’t been the case in recent years because of how warm and dry it’s been out West. Ski resorts are turning to snow makers to get through their seasons, apparently.

**Though she has never admitted to it, I’m convinced that a big reason why we moved from Tahoe to Vegas is because my mother got tired of dealing with the snow.


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