project 365

15. Good.

Today was good. Got some exciting news earlier in the day (which I’ll officially post more about later). Had a pizza night with Charita’s old roommates and friends, in which we made and consumed nine pizzas with an interesting assortment of toppings*. Yes, nine. I’m really full.

Today was the kind of day I’m thankful for, even though a significant part of it came about because of sad circumstances. I’m glad that it happened nonetheless. Charita had good taste in people.

It makes me think of that line from “Wicked”:

I don’t know if I’ve been changed for the better, but I have been changed for good.

I’m glad I was among that group.

*My favorite featured fig jam. My own creation consisted of a fancy goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, olive oil, pepperoni and cilantro.


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