project 365

13. Dinner.

Grabbed dinner with friend Emily* tonight. That doesn’t sound significant and maybe it’s not. But it’s something that I actually love about our friendship.

Often, when we get dinner together, it’s never planned in advance — probably because when we do plan these things, Emily has a tendency to show up ridiculously late (which is kind of funny, since that’s what I usually do to other people). It’s usually just a matter of one person deciding she is hungry, calling/texting/gchatting the other and then picking a spot that we both aren’t too lazy to get to. Penn Quarter is our jam, though San Phan in Eastern Market holds our hearts.

Sometimes, it happens because one of us had a bad day and needs to vent. Other times, we require margaritas and/or barbecue. Once, it was because it was Emily’s birthday and she had neglected to make plans.

It’s turned into a bit of a ritual of ours since we both arrived in this city nearly four years ago. And I’m glad that it exists. </sap>

*BTW, y’all have her to thank for the existence of the hashtag (if not the actual action behind) #jesstweetschickflicks.


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