project 365

12. Roasting.

The Great Turkey Experiment of 2014 continued tonight, with the cooking of the January bird, Tom*.

Properly tied him up with some kitchen twine. Placed him on the roaster. Watched YouTube video after YouTube video about where to insert the meat thermometer. Obsessively checked on the turkey in the last hour of its cooking time (which totaled about 2.5 hours). Used a recipe book to figure out how I’m supposed to carve a turkey (I’m going to be a master turkey carver by November, guys). Served meat to friend Amy and roommate Kaitie, who both said it was good.


photo (3)

Turkey #1, after.

Next up: trying different methods. Friend Emma sent this one along in November, so might give it a try for February.

*Have decided to name the turkeys. Kaitie has put in Steve for February, but I’m open to suggestions for other months!


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