‘N Sync.

Roommate Kaitie and I both fangirled when ‘N Sync reunited for the briefest of moments at the VMAs last night. It inspired the following (edited) gchat conversation. Note: Kaitie has a cold and just got back from vacation.

Jess: Am I rewatching ‘N Sync from last night? Absolutely.
Kaitie: Haha, as you should be
J: Too short. Need more.
K: It really was just a blip.
OMG, one week away, my RSS reader has spun out of control.
J: Is it tearing up your heart?
K: Oh no.
You’re binging on N Sync, aren’t you?
J: Of course, I want them back.
K: Oh great… one of my ears just plugged up on me.
J: You should make them pop.
K: I think this is an ear wax issue.
J: Hope the situation is gone soon.
K: Me too.
Ah, I think I got it to pop enough.
J: You tell that plugging bye! (bye bye)
K: [rolls eyes]
J: If anyone was going to spend this entire conversation responding with only variations of N Sync song titles, it was gonna be me.
K: You just got an audible groan with that one.
J: I can’t help it it — it’s the music of my heart.
K: :-|
J: 😀


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