project 366

Day whatever: Yuppie.

So I completely failed at blogging in the last week. I admit it.

But in my defense, it was a busy week. I left my job at Roll Call, started a new one at Greenwire, went to the goodbye party of a friend who was moving back to Germany, went to another party that was 1920s-themed, volunteered at the Museum of Unnatural History for the first time, yelled angrily about modern art, etc.

But the recaps are for later. Or Twitter.

Right now, I only have short story to share.

On Saturday morning, I awoke and stared out the window, dismayed that there was snow (albeit less than inch, but still) on the ground. But alas, I had signed up for yoga a few days before, and it was too late to cancel the reservation. I had to go.

I dragged myself out of bed and to the studio. Afterward, I picked up my dress at the dry cleaners for the aforementioned 1920s party.

Sitting on the bus home, I was playing with my phone and contemplating a cup of coffee.

Then I looked from one arm to the other.

Dry cleaning. Yoga mat. Smart phone. Need of coffee.

Dear lord, I realized. I’ve hit yuppiedom. To the extreme.

And there’s probably no turning back now.


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