project 366

Day 24: Experience.

Today is a two post kind of day, since the last week and a half has been full of no posts kind of days.

A year ago (or so), I was up at the Capitol, helping cover State of the Union. I sat in the Senate press gallery with another RCer then went down to Statuary Hall to catch Members for reactions post speech. The big talk was bipartisan seating and the Members were wearing ribbons in honor of Gabby Giffords.

This year, there was still some bipartisan seating, but after the legislative year they had, that seems like a joke. And Giffords was there and is now days away from her resignation.

The closest I came to the Capitol was my choir rehearsal just two blocks away.


View of the Capitol while I was walking to rehearsal.

Funny what a difference a year makes.

On that note, my choir director said something during rehearsal that struck me.

We are building an experience.

He was specifically talking about our upcoming performance of Mozart’s Requiem, but I was thinking how you can apply this to just about anything, because everything is an experience. We are the creators. Or something.

If I am making no sense, I’m just going to blame it on my early starts nowadays.

Night, world.


One thought on “Day 24: Experience.

  1. I like this, Jessica. We are very much the creators of the majority of our experiences, save those that are not under our direct control. Then, in those circumstances, I suppose it becomes a matter of perspective, and we kinda control that as well. : )

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