project 366

Day 8: Wandering.

Today was a walk-aimlessly-through-the-city day. After I dropped off the edits I did yesterday at 826DC, I decided some coffee was in order. Unfortunately, it seems everyone had the same idea at the Columbia Heights coffee shops.

With no seats to be found, I grabbed the Circulator and decided to try my luck down 14th Street. But each place came up like the last: full of people using laptops, reading books, catching up with friends. Blast all you people who want to spend your leisure time in cafes.

I ended up wandering down from U Street to Logan Circle and Scott Circle and finally over to Dupont. While walking around, I took some time to actually take in some of the sights I was passing by.


Found these chairs in front of an apartment building on Rhode Island cool-looking. Might have to try sitting in them one day.


While crossing 15th Street, I glanced over and realized there was a perfect view of the Washington Monument from here. The thing is, if it weren’t for the monument, it would look like any other city.


I have no idea who this is, but he’s important enough to have his own little statue on Scott Circle.


And across the way from our unknown man is Daniel Webster, a politician from the 19th century who shares a name with a Florida congressman.


The Philippine embassy is the closest I’ve ever come to the motherland.


99%, Occupy, etc., etc. in front of the SEIU offices.


Fun Cicero quote that rings true in Second Story Books on P Street.


Success! Open table found (just one single table too) and chai latte acquired at Soho on P and 20th.


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