project 366

Day 6 and Day 7.

Day 6 goes like this: DMV, D.C. residency, work, speed dating.

Speed dating, like D.C. residency, is a tricky thing. Is this something you actually want to do? What will people think of you? But other people do it too, right? And it costs HOW much?

Like I said, they’re rather similar. But both are worth it. I think. At least, one day later, I don’t regret either.

Here’s to new experiences, right?

Onto day 7…

I’ve been meaning to volunteer with 826DC for ages now, but just got around to doing it for the first time last month. (A little background: 826 National is a nonprofit organization founded by Dave Eggers. The organization has writing and tutoring centers across the country.) This weekend was round 2 of a little volunteer work.

I spent a couple hours today reading some folk stories written by fourth and fifth graders at a local school. And let me tell you, these kids have wildly fantastic imaginations. I learned about the origins of worms, about a self-centered prince, where chocolate came from and why the world is ending in 2012.

I remember the days when the ideas just seemed to flow out of my brain. What happened to that part of me? And how do I get that back?

I’ll have to keep volunteering to figure those things out. Kids can be such an inspiration.

And maybe my little notes about how to spell “beautiful” and using the correct tense will help them, too.



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