project 366

Day 5: Happy hour.

So, in my short time in D.C., I’ve realized that the happy hour is the prime socialization tactic in this city. We drink if we’re happy, sad, congratulating, departing, etc. It’s just what we do.

And today’s happy hour was for my first boss in D.C., Debbie.

If you ever wanted to thank someone for me being here, you have to thank Debbie. She was the one I contacted about a summer internship at Roll Call, the one who eventually offered me the internship, the one who, three weeks into said internship, urged me to apply for the job I currently hold.

She left Roll Call last spring to have adventures in China with her husband. After several delays, she finally got there a few months ago. But lucky for us non-expats, she came home for Christmas and the RC staff of current and old gathered to cheers to her.

I owe a lot to this woman, as do the many RC interns she had over the years. We’re the intern army, the dream team. Wouldn’t have it any other way.


Some members of the Debbie intern army! From left: Daniel, me, Debbie, Kaitie, Mackenzie.


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