project 366

Day 4: Phones.

I’m not very good when it comes to electronics. Namely, cell phones.

I’ve blogged the details of this before.

And today, the Jessica phone curse continued.

I was hopping off the bus to head to work, my first day back from vacation. I heard something fall, turned my head and saw my phone on the ground.

No matter, I thought. My phone falls all the time.

I picked it up without so much as glancing at it and continued on my way. A couple blocks later, I pulled it out of my pocket to look at the time. Lo and behold, the upper leftward corner is cracked and a chunk of the screen is gone.


Please appreciate this really blurry photo taken with my lackluster tablet camera.


Luckily, it works just fine. Could be worse.

And I was right on schedule for something to happen to my phone anyway.

Sidenote: The history of my phones not mentioned in that previous post is as follows:

Following the phone that broke apart in 2007, I got one identical to it. I proceeded to spill water on it in my sleep about a year later.

That phone was succeeded by a trooper: my brother’s old phone, which was an older version of the phone I had freshman year of college. This phone would never break on me. It was a miracle.

The next phone was my first touchscreen. I got it in July 2009 and it lasted my last year of college. Then, the second day of my internship at Roll Call in June 2010, it died for reasons still unknown to me.

As I was a broke college grad and a mere intern, I opted for the cheapest Nokia phone they had at the AT&T store. Kept that phone for my first six months at Roll Call.

And despite it all, I decided that it was time to stop buying dumb phones, which led to the purchase of my current iPhone. I was actually telling someone the other day that I was surprised it wasn’t broken yet. Talk about jinxing oneself.


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