project 366

Day 3: Travel.

This post brought to you from 25,000 feet (or so) in the air.

I’ve finally done it from an airplane.

No, not that. This! This post, some tweets, some clicks to various news websites.

I’m using the WiFi on board. Air interwebz, indeed.

Left Vegas this morning. Shoved tons of stuff into two suitcases and a backpack, bid goodbye to the parentals, JJ and 60-degree days, had one last drink at Coffee Bean.

Leaving Vegas always makes me feel a bit wistful. I have no intention of moving back, but it took leaving it to make me love it. (I am obviously not the person you should come to for relationship advice.)

So, until next time, Vegas, when I will cheer my brother on as he graduates from high school and I will finally eat a Port of Subs sandwich.


My head's in the clouds.



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