project 366

Day 2: Ducks.

I don’t remember how it started.

Just one, I probably thought.

But like anything else of this nature, one turned into ten, ten turned into fifty and next thing I know, my life was overrun with them.

But they’re just so damn cute.

My name is Jessica, and I collect ducks. Mostly of the rubber variety, but I love a good stuffed ducky too.

My collection is vast. Red Hat Society, Shakespeare, trucker, Uncle Sam. I’ve got ’em all.

The handy thing about collecting things that are cheap in comparison to other collectibles is I rarely buy them for myself because everyone wants to contribute.

This is most evident on Christmas and my birthday.

This year’s haul: 12 duckies, which will travel with me across the country when I leave for D.C. in the morning.

Most are holiday-related. One reminds me of the Power Rangers. All are awesome. (Really, one even says, “WAY 2B AWESOME!”)


Nine of these ducks are from my brother, two are from Becky and one is from Becky's brother. Merry Christmas to me.



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