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This is why Rachel and I are friends.

Rachel:  I feel so pressured writing formal emails. Bah!

me:  you’re fine

Rachel:  Am I? Am I?

me:  time for the double emphasis?

Rachel:  Yes.
AM I? Am (italicized) I?

me:  I feel like there’s a way to italicize in gchat

Rachel:  I do, too, but I don’t know how.

Rachel:  italicize

me:  what did you do?

Rachel:  Asterisks on either side of the word bold it.

me:  oh, asterisks

Rachel:  italicize

me:  hmmm

Rachel:  !italy!

me:  hahahaha

Rachel:  #italy#

me:  that just looks awesome on my screen

Rachel:  $italy$
We should google “Gchat secrets”

me:  ^italicize^

Rachel:  (italicize)

me:  oh!

Rachel:  [italicize]

me:  italicize

Rachel:  HOW?!

me:  check it!
I don’t know, Rachel. you tell me

Rachel:  I don’t know how!!

me:  really? really?

Rachel:  You italicizing tease!

me:  I am trying so hard not to burst out laughing at work right now

Rachel:  I HATE you.

me:  do you? do you?

Rachel:  Tell me or I’ll get sad again!

me:  haha
I’m done


me:  you put underscores on either side of the word.

Rachel:  dead to me.


me:  hahahaha
don’t you mean YESSSSSSSSS.

Rachel:  Oh, I do.
I’m going to start italicizing words that don’t make sense in sentences.
How’s your day going?

It should be noted that Rachel and I have been friends since our first journalism class at UNR. Five years later, we still do stuff like this (mostly, being silly on Gchat every day).


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