For Sadie.

Sometimes, you get wrapped up in your own world, and you forget that other people are out there, living lives separate from your own, having experiences that have nothing to do with you. And when that happens, you miss moments, the key, vital moments that change everything.

This time around, that moment I missed was a sad one. The dog of a good friend died a week and a half ago. What have I been doing for a week and a half that I missed this?

That’s neither here nor there, because this post is for Sadie. Sadie, the sweetest dog in the world. Sadie, who would curl up next to my desk at work and look at me sadly when I refused to give her some of my noodles. Sadie, who, in the year and a half that I saw her on a regular basis, barked once in front of me. Sadie, who stuck her head up my skirt sometimes. Sadie, who leapt several feet when she saw me on what was supposed to be my last morning in Reno last September. And let me tell you, it was quite the leap.

As a dog person who has never owned a dog, I absolutely adored her. And I’m very sad to know that she’s gone.

Here’s to you, love.


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