My current laptop. You can see me writing this post on the screen.

In today’s realm of first world problems, mine is of the typical variety:

To buy or not to buy a new laptop?

But first, an explanation: My first laptop, the laptop that I went off to college with, died at the end of my penultimate semester of school. It let me write a final paper analyzing the “Civil War” musical (oh yes, there is such a thing) before it gave up, bless its little motherboard. It was on its second hard drive in our four years together.

The second laptop to come into my life was lovely, a Christmas/graduation/birthday present from the parentals. It was supposed to be purple, I think, but instead, it was black. Not that color mattered. It was shiny and new and even had the odd Windows 7 OS to examine. We had a five happy days together, before, it was tragically stolen in San Francisco. I still wonder what became of it.

After that incident, my parents took pity on me (after the initial anger, which really, who can blame them) and sent me my mother’s laptop.

And that’s the laptop that’s currently in my possession. It’s as old as my first one was (so we’re approaching 5 years). The battery is completely dead, so if it comes unplugged, it just turns off. It takes 15 minutes to boot, and another 5-10 to start the Internet. But once I’m on, it does a decent job most of the time.

Which brings me back to the problem. Do I buy a new one? Do I even need a new one? A recent and completely unofficial survey shows that I use my laptop to:

– stream TV that isn’t available on Netflix (because if it is on Netflix, I’ll just stream it on my phone)
– sync my phone to iTunes so I can back up/switch out my music and apps
– blog (not often, but sometimes)
– do the occasional work-related thing at night or on weekends (read: write stories)

I go for days without turning it on. After spending all day on a computer for work, my phone is enough to keep me complacent.

Two thoughts go back and forth in my head.

One: You’re barely going to use it. It’s just going to sit on your desk/floor/bed, next to the Flip that you haven’t found a use for since you got it. Why bother?

Two: If you had a better laptop, you would use it more because it wouldn’t be a pain to deal with.

And now, with the onset of the tablet (because who wasn’t paying attention to the iPad 2 announcement?), I wonder if that’s the way to go.

Like I said. First world problems. If you have any thoughts, let me know.


2 thoughts on “Laptop.

  1. PONDER! says:

    Sounds like you definitely shouldn’t get a new laptop unless, perhaps, you cannot find another use for any extra money. Also, I could put your Flip to use, but I don’t have a new laptop to trade.

  2. Dana says:

    I feel that you should invest in getting a new one. One you did get a new one back in Reno you were on it all the time. You might find it worth investing. My opinion….

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