Once upon a time.

There was a girl. She started a blog after her freshman year of college. She wrote regularly. The reasons why still aren’t clear. Maybe it was because Blogger was a better CMS than everyone thought. Maybe it was because her friends were updating their own blogs often.

Or maybe, Las Vegas was just really boring that summer.

Either way, it happened a lot. Then school started again, and the updates became sporadic. The older she got, the less she wrote for herself. Her writing became perfunctory, always for work or school. Every once in a while, inspiration would strike if only for a day, and she’d post something new. But that was only every once in a while.

The girl grew up sort of. She finished school. She moved. She got a job/career. She started the obligatory next chapter of her life.

Then one night, she realized that she missed writing for the sake of writing. Writing that was really only for herself, and not for readers or employers or friends or teachers. Writing that documented her personal story.

So she turned on her 5-year-old laptop; 25 minutes later, Firefox finally started and she wrote a new blog post. She vowed that this time, things would be different.

This time, she’d write more often. Really.


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