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The “This is who I met at #ONA10” list.

First off, I have to say that I stole this idea from Craig Kanalley. It’s my second year going, and I just love the atmosphere of meeting other journalists who can talk nerdy with me. You are the people who enrich my experience as a journalist and remind me to keep the big picture in mind. So, thanks.

The list, part 1: The people I met at ONA, whether I’ve been following on Twitter for years or just started because of the conference. Note: If you’re near the bottom of this list, that means I’ve been following you the longest because I just went by who I was following on Twitter to put this together!

1. @joe_allen_black of
2. @amandabee of Document Cloud
3. @chrisboutet of National Post
4. @sarahmorayati, student at UNC
5. @boyreporter of National Post
6. @jrstahl of Voice of America
7. @RobinJP of Reynolds Center
8. @will_koper, student at American University
9. @ahemphill of Wired
10. @TanjaAita of Stanford
11. @btrpkc of NPR
12. @machikoyasuda, recent Washington Post intern
13. @jsabbah, student at Northern Illinois University
14. @aabennet, student at UNC
15. @dsennerud of Bowling Green State University
16. @knowacki, grad student at USC
17. @amzam of Washington Post
18. @laurenslavin, student at Towson University
19. @sleeptest, founder of City 2.0
20. @selfmadepsyche, freelance
21. @sharonfeder of Mashable
22. @WPLauraCochran of Gannett
23. @KevinLoker, student at George Mason
24. @moniguzman of
25. @lavrusik of Mashable
26. @webjournalist of USC Annenberg and co-founder of #wjchat
27. @kimbui of KPCC and co-founder of #wjchat
28. @journalistnate of Sacramento Bee
29. @suzisteffen of Eugene Weekly and University of Oregon
30. @kevglobal, freelance
31. @ckanal of Huffington Post
32. @macloo of University of Florida
33. @mallarytenor of Poynter
34. @seanblanda of Technically Philly
35. @bydanielvictor of TBD
36. @stacyannj, grad student at University of Maryland
37. @TammiM, media and content strategy consultant
38. @kev097 of the Sunlight Foundation

Also, a shout out to the following people, whom I’ve met before (some on multiple occasions) and I’m always glad to see again:
39. @jrue of the University of California, Berkeley
40. @vhoeppner of the Freedom Forum Institute
41. @marksluckie of Washington Post
42. @ethanklapper, student at American University
43. @MacDivaONA, journalist and user engagement strategist
44. @sskalko of Patch
45. @McKennaEwen of Star Tribune
46. @JobsPage of Poynter and Michigan State
47. @laurenmichell of Publish2
48. @akrewson (or @underoak) of the Charlotte Observer
49. @mathildepiard of CMGdigital
50. @emilyingram of Washington Post
51. @digidave of Spot.Us
52. @greglinch of Publish2
53. @ryansholin of Gannett Digital
54. @suzanneyada of the Center for Investigative Reporting

If I missed you, let me know and I’ll gladly add. And looking forward to seeing you at #ONA11 in Boston (and as @laurenmichell said to me yesterday, every day on Twitter).

P.S. I can only imagine how many tweets this list would have taken up.


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