After thinking about effective advertising the other day (and trust me, if there was anyone susceptible to advertising, it’s me — I’m a marketer’s dream), I came up with a list of my four favorite commercials in recent memory. I would have done five, but I couldn’t come up with a fifth that was equal to the others.


1. Look at your man, now back to me.
It’s now a classic that has generated responses, copycats and even the Old Spice man making YouTube videos out of requests.

2. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.
I downloaded the entire version of “Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop” after I saw this commercial.

3. Flash forward.
As an AT&T customer, I’m often disgruntled with service, costs, phone upgrades, etc. But even I loved this (especially as someone who rides a train daily to work).

4. Google FTW.
As I watched the Colts suffer an unfortunate loss to the Saints in this year’s Superbowl (still heartbroken) , I waited for any sort of commercial to appear that would actually impress me. There were babies, Betty White, Tim Tebow. But none caught my eye…until this. It doesn’t even matter that Google doesn’t need commercials. It did just what it needed to do: It showed us that Google is a part of our lives (they would say for the better, naysayers would say for the worse).

Yes, I’m quite aware that every single commercial I put on here leans toward the sappy. What can I say, that’s what I like.


2 thoughts on “Faves.

  1. Thanks for the comment, Jessica. Your post reminds me of an idea for a blog I was going to start with my friend, except we’d post awful commercials and just rant about what’s wrong with them and why we hate the materialistic mentality of America, etc. Leave it to you to find the positive side, I need to stop being so cynical.

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