Things that I hate.

I apologize for the negative tone of this post. Besides the things noted here, I actually like my life (the people I’ve met, the things that I can do around here, the job, the metro, etc.), I promise.

– I hate not having Internet at home.
– I hate having to walk to either Borders or the coffee shop down the street for an Internet connection that is, at best, sort of reliable.
– I hate that I’m so poor that I can’t afford coffee at said coffee shop, so I actually have to go to Borders, where there is never a seat or an outlet.
– I hate that I even need an outlet because the battery power of my laptop only lasts for maybe 30 minutes.
– I hate living in a house of people who, for the most part, aren’t my age and I have nothing in common with.
– I hate that my refrigerator in said house doesn’t work.
– I hate that my landlord doesn’t answer her phone so I can tell her that the refrigerator is broken.
– I hate living in the basement of this house.
– I hate that said basement has tons of bugs.
– I hate that the one person who is my age in the house is never around because we work completely opposite schedules.
– I hate walking home after it’s dark, because my neighborhood is creepy.
– I hate that I have no idea what happened on Glee because, again, I don’t have Internet.
– I hate humidity. I will repeat this one until the end of time.


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