Random thoughts.

– I am seriously contemplating the usefulness of an iPad right now. After using Katie’s yesterday, I realized how much smaller and lighter an iPad would be than my laptop…and if you get one, then you have to sign up for a contract with AT&T, so you will have Internet wherever the network is. Granted, I can’t afford one…but it’s still a thought for the future.
– Maybe I like the color pink more than I originally thought I did. Yesterday, I bought a pink basket for all of my bathroom stuff and pretty dishes that had pink as the main color. And yes, I’m aware that the design of this blog is pink.

– The Memorial Day parade was awesome, but really, really long. Katie and I stood outside for an hour and a half, wandered into the National Museum of American History for an hour, then came back out to find the parade still going. How many marching bands, re-enactors and picture of dead veterans does one parade need? Seriously.

– What is the point of having an outlet in a wall if you can’t use it? That’s just dumb.

– They sure do love Target around here. Of course, I have no problem with places that love Target. I’ve been to three since I arrived a week ago.

– My new hobby is to read the wedding announcements in the NYT on Sundays and to judge the people who are listed in them. I don’t quite understand the point of listing that you graduated summa cum laude and that your dad was employed with Lehman Brothers through 2008 (gee, I wonder why). Some of the stories are legitimately cute, though.

– I need someone to get drinks with pronto. I could totally use a beer, but I think sitting at a bar alone is pathetic.


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