New goal in life.

I have never been driven or inspired by money. Money doesn’t equal happiness, etc., etc.

However, last night, my mindset shifted just a little bit.

I was in the shower, and when I reached for my loofa, I saw that I was sharing the space with a giant grasshopper-like thing. I didn’t scream. Instead, I just finished up my shower a lot more quickly than I would have liked and slowly backed out of enclosed space.

And while I was backing out, I tripped and the shower curtain rod fell on my head.

Then when I got back to my bedroom, I saw that there was another grasshopper thing sitting on one of my shoes. I’m not a bug killer. They freak me out, so I used to call Adam and make him drive/walk to my house so he could kill the bugs.

Sadly, Adam is in Reno, so he can’t kill bugs for me anymore.

So, instead of killing it, I just left it alone. It wasn’t there when I woke up this morning. I hope we don’t have another standoff.

In light of these recent events, I have a new goal in life: to make enough money to move out of my current living situation. I don’t want something super nice. I don’t want matching IKEA furniture.

I want to be able to shower without having to see bugs on the soap. I want my room to smell nothing like a basement. I want a refrigerator that seems cold enough to keep my food from spoiling.

Sigh. Welcome to the post grad life.


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