The “missing you” list.

It’s not quite yet time to say goodbye (so don’t cue Andrea Bocelli just yet), but I’m feel particularly nostalgic as my college years come to a close. Fifteen days from today, I graduate with my bachelor’s in journalism. Twenty-five days from today, I move across the country for a summer job and to begin a brand new chapter of my life.

It’s exciting, but you know what? I’m going to miss Reno and the rest of Northern Nevada.

Don’t get me wrong. I can’t wait to see what’s next. But I’ve made some good friends and I’ve had some good times. Instead of recounting those memories for you, I will instead just make a list of things I will miss (which will probably be added to).

– summers days in Tahoe
– spring, summer, fall days by the Truckee River
– Bibo’s, Java Jungle, My Favorite Muffin, the coffee shop in front of the library, etc.
– Gold ‘N Silver nights. God, I’m really going to miss Gold ‘N Silver nights.
– the j-school
– the Macs  in the j-school and the @One lab
– the really bad decision to go to the pub/bar on a Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday night, well aware that I have something to do in the morning
– lying in the Manzanita Bowl or next to the quad, reading a book
– book club and the lovely ladies who are in it
– random holiday meals with other people’s families
– my house
– sitting around watching How I Met Your Mother/Gilmore Girls/Pushing Daisies/Buffy/Angel/etc. all day with my roommates
– my roommates
– coordinating costumes for the Harry Potter movie night and having Harry Potter movie week
– driving around the McCarran loop with Zeller
– randomly dropping by Deidre’s office to chat and having Jake stick his head in and ask if we’ve taken over the j-school yet
– skipping class
– going to class
– Insight Magazine meetings (who knew…kidding)
– Nevada Humanities and the awesome people I’ve been able to work with
– Reno Aces baseball games
– epic parties, including the Halloween party where everyone I’ve never met showed up, and the bongos and beatniks party, which Taylor calls the most pretentious party he’s ever been to
– my ballroom dancing class
– lunches in the DC
– executing plans with Rachel
– sitting in my awesome recliner while wearing my snuggie
– random trips to Sacramento
– being only three hours away from San Francisco
– making up songs about my friends’ antics (La cougar Adam, la cougar Adam…)
– being able to always find someone to do something with me any night of the week

I know things will always change and nothing stays for long, but man. It’s been a beautiful four years.


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