Since I’m in bed at home…

An update on my life seems necessary. And to answer your first question, I am still in bed because I feel icky.

The important things:
– Graduation is in 38 days.
– I’m moving to Washington, D.C. for the summer to intern with Roll Call. On that note, since their blogging policy is to not discuss Roll Call or my time there, you won’t be hearing about it on here. What you will instead get is “Jessica’s East Coast Adventures” or something to that effect.  Y’know, me getting lost on the metro, whining about the humidity, drinking enormous of coffee, etc.
– Since I’m going to D.C., I have to bid adieu to my lovely house in Reno. By the time I move out, I’ll have lived here for two years. And oh, what a two years they have been. I’m not looking forward to packing.
– I will also wave goodbye to my adopted hometown. Home is where the heart is, and for me, that’s Reno, Nevada. Here’s to the last five weeks of this chapter of my life. Really, where did the time go?
– UNRInsight.com was nominated for an online Pacemaker! Yeah!

The not as important things:
– I read an entire Meg Cabot book in 24 hours, instead of reading about privacy issues and the First Amendment or about William Lloyd Garrison or even watching “The Breakfast Club” for my history through film class. Senioritis is definitely here.
– The laptop I am currently using actually belongs to my mother. We both win — I have a laptop to use and she gets a new netbook.
– I don’t know how I got this far in life without watching “How I Met Your Mother.”
– It keeps snowing in Reno. I will not miss spring in Northern Nevada. At. All.
– I still hold to the belief that the writers of LOST will tie up everything I need to know by the end of the season, unlike my best friend who hates the sideways universe.
– Despite our best efforts, Adam and I did not get to see a tranny drag show after Easter dinner the other day. We instead ended up with two of the strongest vodka tonics I’ve ever had.


One thought on “Since I’m in bed at home…

  1. Sara says:

    I don’t know exactly why, but reading this suddenly spurred all of my sadness that is sure to come in the next few months. It seems like just yesterday we were meeting downstairs at exactly 6 p.m. everynight for dinner and flying down Virginia Street, drunk of course.

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