The Backstreet Boys showed me how to love.

Something I wrote with Becky a while ago. An old one, but a good one.

So you’re in a relationship, and it’s not the best relationship, and your guy friend (who wants to be with you) says to you that his love is “All I Have To Give.”
Then, after you break up with said bad boyfriend, you’re still heartbroken, but said guy friend says that “I’ll Never Break Your Heart.”
So you get together with said friend, but his friends tell him he’s crazy because he doesn’t actually know all that much about you. But to him, it doesn’t matter “As Long As You Love Me.”
Unfortunately, you hit that point where you don’t really know what to do about the relationship. So he wants you to “Quit Playing Games With My Heart.”
You finally want to end it because you finally realize you’re two worlds apart, but he says that he doesn’t “Want It That Way.”
So, the poor guy realizes that it’s over, and asks you to “Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely.”
And you?
You just go out and “Get Yourself a Bad Boy.”


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