Busy, busy, busy.

As I often reiterate, I am a terrible regular blogger. So here we go with the seasonal update of my life.

1) I caught the flu and then was out of town in two consecutive weeks, so my attempts to stay up with my school work failed miserably. I’m still working on catching up with reading, but at least I’ve done all my homework. Thank god. I also did a decent job on my midterms.

2) Insight is going well. October proved to be a hurdle because of the whole sick/out-of-town thing, but everything is getting done, and November stuff is on its way. I still need to work out how to build the multimedia staff beyond myself and the other editors at Insight.

3) I’m doing an interactive media project on my favorite Reno restaurant, the Gold ‘N Silver. I definitely need to kick it up a notch for this. I also need to magically acquire decent photography skills.

4) I directed/filmed/produced a video for my friend Rachel’s World Cup internship application. I’ve decided it’s epic. Link to come soon.

5) I was out of town because I worked for the Student Newsroom at the Online News Association 2009 conference. I had a fabulous time meeting all of my Twitter peeps, some big names in the media industry, some not-so-big names in the industry but they will be soon, and all the rest. To quote everyone else who has already blogged on the conference, there was a “swagger” to it that made me feel hopeful. Then, of course, I came back to Reno and the depressing conversations of my fellow j students. I’ve decided to tune them out.

6) My first internship application is due tomorrow. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Other applications are also due soon.

7) I’m seriously considering the option of just moving to San Francisco post graduation and seeing what happens.

8) I’m taking two history classes, a philosophy class, a journalism class and finishing my language requirement next semester. And then I’m done. DONE. How the hell did that happen?

9) I’m attempting to keep the SPJ chapter at UNR alive. It’s an interesting challenge.

10) I’m still working at the encyclopedia, though I feel terrible because I feel like I don’t work enough because everything else I do gets in the way.

11) I’m appearing in a paso doble performance at a big ballroom dance event on Sunday. I get to wear a costume! And my feet hate me.

12) All I do when I’m home is watch Gilmore Girls/30 Rock/Buffy on DVD. Or Glee/LOST/Dancing With The Stars on Hulu. I don’t have time to watch any of these things, and yet…

13) After typing all of this out, I realize that I am doing far too much, and thus, I’m not sleeping enough (as my boss pointed at this morning). I should probably cut back on something. Probably the TV shows.


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