Summer update.

Dear faithful readers (ha),

Sorry I’m not a good blogger. It’s been a busy summer, and yet I feel like I’m not doing anything particularly blogworthy. But here it goes:

– I’m working about 30 hours a week for the Online Nevada Encyclopedia. For the last few weeks, I’ve been working on encyclopedia articles about arts and culture organizations downtown. What I have learned from this experience: people don’t get back to you immediately if you don’t have a deadline. I’ve also done a little editing. Agreed to write press releases, but actually haven’t written one yet, just edited them. The journalist in me cried.
– I’m also working on the Discover Northern Nevada publication for the RGJ. Checking listings and working on short articles about Northern Nevada neighborhoods.
– I’m also also working for the Reynolds High School Journalism Institute. Basically, I help Deidre with whatever and then spend two full weeks at the j-school, hanging out with high school journalism teachers.
– I’m also also also working at Insight, where I’ll be the new multimedia editor. I’ve attended a few meetings, started dreaming up projects and figuring out what equipment/programs I need.
– Book club.
– Cha cha dance class and then swing dancing class.
– ┬áTravel: Vegas (Fourth of July weekend), DC (last week of July), Portland (first weekend of August), maybe Santa Cruz (second weekend of August)
– I’m contemplating buying an iPhone 3G since it dropped in price and a new Macbook Pro, but I also need to buy a car and I’m considering buying a DSLR. Updates on future purchases to come.
– I think I will be changing the design of this blog once again, as well as redesigning my personal site when I magically have free time.

I think that’s everything. Conclusion? Being a grown up is overrated. I’ll be updating periodically throughout the summer when I think I have interesting things to say.


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