My attempt at transparency.

After reading this post on Soup du Journalism, I started thinking about what my “transparency bio” would say. Because folks, let’s face it, no matter how hard you try at being unbiased, you can’t help what you think or feel. You’re human and it’s a part of your nature. I’m a part of the group that believes that in order to be a great journalist, it’s better to just put it all that out there instead of pretending to be these machines who don’t believe in anything in particular.

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Jessica Estepa, 20, is a college student who:

– doesn’t support a particular political party (she’s registered nonpartisan for a reason), but she did vote for Barack Obama and she did not vote for Jim Gibbons
– doesn’t care about the environment very much (she’s bad at recycling and she wants to buy a car with four-wheel drive), but she still believes in global warming
– hates PETA, but doesn’t intentionally buy fur coats and the like
– has several friends (not acquaintances) in student government, whom she met for different reasons and not because she was covering them while she was the beat reporter
– prefers MSNBC to Fox News, but she reads both The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal
– supports gay marriage (she’s straight), abortion rights (she wouldn’t get one herself), tax raises (she doesn’t want to pay any more than you do) and arts education in schools (she went to a performing arts high school)
– was raised by an apathetic Republican for a father and a legal resident (not an U.S. citizen) for a mother, so she cares about immigration and citizenship issues and thinks there should be bipartisan work done to fix the problems
– was lucky enough to grow up in a middle-class home where she didn’t have to work in high school, doesn’t have to take out loans for her college education, won’t worry about health insurance until after she graduates and got a car for her 17th birthday
– was raised in the Roman Catholic Church, but she only goes on Christmas, Easter, when her mother makes her and when she’s feeling particularly guilty
– sympathizes with military families because she has extended family in the military (same goes for veterans rights)
– has never supported the reasons for the war in Iraq, but believes that the troops can’t just up and leave until the area has been stabilized
– has formed several personal opinions on the state of the Nevada budget after covering the beat for more than a year
– thinks Michael Moore, Bill O’Reilly and Joe the Plumber are overrated

What would your transparency bio say?


2 thoughts on “My attempt at transparency.

  1. Great post! I’ve also wondered what my transparency bio would include. I think these are a really good idea and more people should be writing them (myself included). It just helps to put everything said on a particular blog into a deeper context.

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