In honor of the legislative session that is about to start…

At my new job, I get to read about Nevada history and play on a computer all day.

While doing both of these things, I came across the following in an article I was editing:

“Based in Virginia City and occasionally reporting from Carson City and San Francisco, Clemens fabricated stories including discussions about a petrified man and a ghastly massacre in Empire City. Covering the territorial legislature, Clemens helped form the “Third House,” a deliberative body of fellow journalists who met at session’s end to mock the lawmakers. During this time, Clemens began to explore his talent for giving humorous presentations.”

“Clemens” refers to Samuel Clemens, AKA Mark Twain. Twain was a rogue reporter in Nevada’s early days. While a fabulous author, he definitely contributed to yellow journalism with his libelous stories. He was eventually run out of Virginia City because of said stories.

That said, I can appreciate anyone who has the idea to come up with the Third House.


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