What Danny and Jessica Facebook chat about at 1 a.m.

Daniel: I made a comparison the other day that journalism is always late for the train. everyone gets on board and journalism has to wait for the next train out. what journalism needs to do is find a different train, becaus ethe current train doesn’t seem to fit in with his/her schedule. (sorry. I rant a LOT at night. feel free to disregard.)
Jessica: lol, no, I actually find it interesting. you’re fine
Daniel: Ah good. what do you think ole’ Journs needs to do to keep kicking?
Jessica: pick up on the fact that newspapers are dead except for the major ones, and stop crying about it. do something about it instead.

Daniel: Good plan!
Jessica: yup. if you create a good product, then the business will follow. people are willing to pay for a good product. but if you can’t produce good, only mediocre, then why do you expect people to buy it? it’s silly. which is why people aren’t buying newspapers anymore. and why people don’t bother watching evening news the Internet has given us so many opportunities, and whenever journalists catch up, they think they’re doing great and they want to pat themselves on the back but it’s not enough.
Daniel: Lol, yeah.
Jessica: sigh.
Daniel: I just don’t think catching up is enough. whatever happened to journalists being the ones who knew everything first?
Jessica: the Internet, haha. the gate is broken. we’re not the gatekeepers anymore. so now, instead, we’ve got to figure out what we are now.
Daniel: yep. God we picked a damn crazy time to enter this business.
Jessica: seriously. and yet I love it
Daniel: Lol, same here.

One thought on “What Danny and Jessica Facebook chat about at 1 a.m.

  1. Grigory says:

    It’s so strange to read a transcript of a conversation between two people you know. 🙂 Interesting format and idea – you should do this more often.

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