CICM Internship – It’s worth a shot, right?

I hold true to the belief that college is the best place to do journalism.

Unlike the professional world, your peers are your editors. There are no worries about layoffs or bankruptcies. It’s about passion. You know what I mean – it’s midnight and the paper needs to be out NOW, or it’s the middle of the day and you need to post that story NOW before the local paper does it. You’re tired, you’re grumpy – but you’re satisfied, you’re proud.

With the media field changing rapidly, what better time has there been for journalists to take that passion and combine it with creativity to produce innovation?

At the Center for Innovation in College Media, I want to find the people who are doing just that and introduce them to the rest of the college media world.  Using the center’s resources, I would produce podcasts and videos to introduce these people and their ideas. I would create tutorials for others so they can implement these ideas in their own newsrooms.

But putting the information out there isn’t enough. I want to create a network, either through CICM’s own website or by creating one on a social media site like Ning, for all college journalists – especially those who aren’t being featured on CICM’s blog. I don’t think enough college journalists know about CICM and what it has to offer – these are the people we need to reach, because they’re the future of this industry too.


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