Random announcements.

I haven’t been able to fall asleep and I haven’t blogged in two weeks, so here we go:

– I have been working on the same blog post about my thoughts on the future of this industry for at least a week now. It will eventually be posted, I swear.
– I have updated my rejection list as promised. However, I’ve also received one e-mail telling me I’ve made the first cut and gone through a phone interview at another paper (do not want to jinx by naming said papers). So, keeping my fingers crossed. If anything becomes official, I’ll probably post within an hour of finding out.

– School starts in five days, and I have yet to return to a normal sleeping schedule. Please note that I stayed up all night last night…and slept all night the night before. Yep. And I have my history of journalism class at 9:30 a.m. with the same professor who lectured me on being a lousy student (but a good journalist, go figure), so here’s to hoping I kick this nocturnal thing soon. As in before Tuesday.
– I’m a finalist in the Publish2 contest. Who woulda thunk? So thank you to everyone who voted and congrats to the other finalists.
– I’m probably going to apply to the CICM internship for the heck of it, because any opportunity is a good opportunity.
– Have decided to start looking into graduate school. Am seriously considering London. Best friend thinks it’s an excuse to live in London for a year. I won’t lie – it’s a very good excuse. But I hope I’d learn something while I was there too.
– Looking for a job + have no car + bad economy = no bueno.
– Am considering starting a new multimedia project for my own enjoyment. More details to come.


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