Goals for winter break.

Once I’m over being mad at everything, I plan on being productive.


1) More internship applications. As per last blog post, you can see my success rate is nonexistent. Thus, I will need to apply to more internships to up my chances of actually working this summer vs. being a bum and avoiding my parents’ house by staying in Reno.

2) Switch blog over to WordPress.

3) Work out the whole “covering state legislature” thing with j-school and Sagebrush.

4) Figure out what exactly I will be doing with journalism next semester (meaning: more lists). Will include state legislature coverage, potentially (hell, hopefully) working more at the RGJ, teaching myself Flash and several more Web things (or at the very least, starting that process), and reading more “future of journalism” stuff.

5) Find a job so I can eat, live somewhere and be warm in my decades-old house.

6) Read the entirety of “Elements of Style.” Yes, I’ve never read the entire thing cover to cover.

7) Make Dell fix my laptop and accept those files are gone forever in Hard Drive Crashed Land.

8) Make plans to: pay off credit card debt, graduate on time, accomplish a very specific goal that I won’t announce on Blogger (for now).

9) Read. Just read. I need to do something that makes me happy, right?


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