Corny love songs.

Becky and I tend to get into serious conversations about the most pointless and random things.

This includes everything from Anderson Cooper’s sexual preference (gay or straight?) to which boy band defined our generation (Backstreet Boys vs. N ‘Sync). We’ll talk about anything and everything for a good two hours before we decide that it’s probably time to talk about something else.

Tonight’s conversation led to a long list of love songs on a Denny’s menu and random Denny’s workers giving us their two cents. From this, we’ve decided two things:
– We need to start another office poll: “From This Moment On” vs. “You’re Still The One”
– We need to start our own podcast where we entertain random people with our thoughts on the world. It will hypothetically be posted on my blog and iTunes.

Anyway, I’m too lazy to type out all the songs, but not lazy enough to not make a playlist.

(As of Jan. 1, 2009, playlist.com has taken down all of the playlists because of an ongoing lawsuit)

I must note that I am a fan of many of these songs, while Becky is not.

Also, as a final note for the hours worked thing:
Friday: three hours
Saturday: nine hours
Grand total for the week: 41


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